Absorption Technology

Steuler Anlagenbau has a variety of own process techniques and scrubber types available for wet chemical absorption of various toxic gas compounds. These processes can be ideally selected or combined according to project or customer requirements. Waste water free processes with reusable end products are prioritized whenever possible.

Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization (WFGD)
For the desulfurization of flue gases, the so-called lime(stone)-gypsum process is available in particular for medium-size and larger flue gas streams. In contrast to classic chemical scrubbers, sulfuric gases are converted into insoluble, filterable calcium sulfate (gypsum) in this process.

Due to its leading position and technological competence in industrial corrosion protection and in the construction of pickling and etching plants, Steuler relies on corrosion-free thermoplastics in the construction of scrubbers where highly aggressive media have to be dealt with. Flue gas scrubbers up to a transportable size and a tower diameter of 4 to 5 meters can be delivered by Steuler prefabricated and ready-to-install.

Larger and non-transportable flue gas scrubbers are usually manufactured on site using an innovative method of steel-reinforced concrete construction developed by Steuler, the mechanically anchored interior BEKAPLAST™ lining system.

Chemical wet scrubbers
Steuler offers highly efficient wet chemical flue gas scrubbing processes for:

  • production facilities in various fields of industry
  • small to medium-sized incineration plants (e.g. toxic waste incineration)

Beside various special designs, we also offer the following well-proven standard scrubber types:

  • Free-space / nozzle scrubbers
  • Packed-bed scrubber with fillings or packings
  • Aerosol separators
  • Single-stage scrubbers
  • Multi-stage scrubbers with separation system to separate the different scrubbing liquids

Depending on the composition of the toxic gases and the process requirements, these scrubbers are designed for operation either with acid or alkali scrubbing liquid or simply just with water. Adapted to the requested removal efficiency or in compliance with local conditions, the scrubber system will be built either as single or multiple-stage system. As far as possible, a skilful selection and combination of processes will result in generation of reusable end products. If waste water is unavoidable, Steuler will also gladly work out high-performance industrial waste water concepts without any interface problems upon request.