Electrolytic calcium phosphating
(Gardobond Z 3200) at single and multi-filament finishing plants

The innovative process of phosphating (phosphate conversion coatings) offers a great deal of ease in handling and has shown itself in many fields to have advantages over the earlier, classic method of zinc phosphating in immersions.

The process

  • phosphating is free of heavy-metals
  • discharge is sludge-free
  • use at room temperature (ready for operation in minutes; no pre-heating phases)
  • precise coating thickness by setting the current
  • top performance

The companies Steuler Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG and Chemetall GmbH are working together constructively with this new technology. Steuler manufactures the phosphating plants, Chemetall supplies the chemical products required for application. Both companies see this new technology as a significant advance in both environmental protection and economic terms. The multi-wire design of the plant brings together separate treatment basins with the pumps belonging to them to ensure individual control of each wire.

Advantages of the process

  • a variety of flow-rates in one-and-the-same plant are possible
  • precise setting of the coating thickness for each individual wire.
  • each chamber has its own pump to prevent any pickling effect during downtimes. 


Bonding occurs through the use of insoluble anodes in liquid.

The advantages

  • no sparking
  • no loss of current as there are separate circuits for each wire
  • plant is easy to use